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Creativity, Project Management, Innovation

About us

Pro Managers is a reality that combines Creativity, Project Management and Innovation.

Born from a mix of experience and skills in Project Management and Project Communication, maturing in the context of European planning and Mediterranean cooperation.

At the base of Pro Managers there is continuous training to constantly feed the know-how developed on issues such as:
European programs and related opportunities;
Sustainable development and the new resulting economic models such as Green, Circular and Blue Econonomy;
Local development and international cooperation;
Social inclusion and educational projects.

Experience and skills therefore merge to guarantee quality work and the search for increasingly creative, innovative and winning solutions.

What we do

The Pro Managers team offers services of:

  • Project Management for the technical management of projects funded by the European Union;
  • Project Communication, from the creation of the brand identity of the project and the drafting of the Plan and Communication strategies, to the creation of contents for social media and the web and to the dissemination and capitalization of the project.
  • Development of the project idea by accompanying the client through a creative path based on participatory planning, with the aim of structuring an idea in a project by identifying the right line of funding, European or national.

Contact us

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